Monday 25 February 2008

never judge a chocolate by its wrapper

I have mentioned in the past my soft spot for well produced or designed books. Now this obviously is a blog about the high culture that I consume but the other day a funny thing happened. I was reading John Self's Asylum blog (himself a sucker for a lovely cover) where he was reviewing James Joyce's The Dead. To accompany the novella he had purchased a matching design bar of chocolate (click here to see the two together). A few days later, dashing around the supermarket, my eye was caught by that same design; block colour and clear typeface, but alas, the honeycomb and vanilla box was empty. What I saw next took me a while to process.

Lemon and Pepper. White chocolate. What? Weird. And I guess that's why I went for it. White chocolate doesn't really work for me. It's enough of a problem that chocolate is actually just fat and sugar without it genuinely looking like it. So maybe this was the 'unusual but exquisite taste' to make me appreciate the true potential of the milky bar.

Or maybe not. It wasn't awful but it was a bit like ordering a cheesecake only to find that a kitchen mixup had resulted in vanilla seeds and peppercorns being kept in similar containers on a night that the chef had left his glasses at home. Unusual, yes. Exquisite?

Kshocolat also do a dark chocolate with orange and cardamom. Who dares me?


John Self 25 February 2008 at 10:54  

I dare you! I must admit the lemon and pepper one was the first that I ruled out when I saw the bars on display.

There was a fourth too, which I can't remember. Plain plain or plain milk perhaps? Or is that a little too unexotic for those fine folk at kshocolat...

William Rycroft 25 February 2008 at 11:04  

There are indeed both plain dark and plain milk. I bought the dark as a backup and it's very good. Is the honeycomb as good as it sounds?

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