Tuesday 2 December 2008

I may not be a lady...

The Woman Who Talked Too Much was recently surprised to find that the GenderAnalyzer, which uses 'Artificial Intelligence' to determine whether the author of a blog is male or female, had decided that there was a 76% chance she was male (she has since convinced it that she's 95% female by blogging about Dirty Dancing and X Factor - although the biggest clue would surely be her blog title).

So what did it make of Just William's Luck? Again, don't let the title fool you, or the fact my last post was on a book called Dad Rules, GenderAnalyzer reckons: 79% female. Which I believe is one of the reasons my wife decided to marry me (when I tried to refute this she pointed out that when she returned from working away recently I had looked after our son single-handed, the house was spotless and I had made a cheesecake).

When checking its results against the truth GenderAnalyzer scores 54% correct, 46% incorrect, which with a 50/50 question makes it marginally better than tossing a coin. Artificial Intelligence indeed. Regardless, I shall try to redress the balance over the festive period with posts about football, Top Gear and birds. Oi, oi!


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