Wednesday 8 July 2009

Role Models

Now I realise that my previous film posting was about the 'why on earth did you think that was going to be funny?' comedy A Bunch Of Amateurs. You may well be looking at the poster above and thinking that I've lost the plot entirely and will next be reviewing Scary Movie 2 but hold on a moment and hear me out. I'm not laying any claims to this being the funniest film in the world but you could do far worse (see the link above for details). Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott play Danny and Wheeler, not so much friends as colleagues, selling an energy drink called Minatour around schools on a say-no-to-drugs message. After Danny drinks a few too many of his product and attempts to drive his truck away from being towed, succeeding only in mounting a statue outside a school, the pair end up in front of the judge. Having a lawyer girlfriend has advantages and so Danny and Wheeler escape with community service but quickly find that it isn't the soft option they might have hoped.

Sturdy Wings is a mentoring programme in which Danny and Wheeler are assigned a charge each; one a role-playing nerd and the other a foul-mouthed breast obsessive. The trials and tribulations of this mis-matched foursome make up the 'hilarious consequences' of the film but the real fun comes from the celebration of geekdom, whether that be the role-playing kingdom of LAIRE or the veneration of the band KISS. Paul Rudd is excellent as ever and the two young co-stars are both suitably oddball. Not much more to say about it really. Funny and quite sweet too. Actually, quite similar to that energy drink I guess.


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