Tuesday 24 August 2010

Reading Matters

I'm moonlighting today on Kimbofo's blog Reading Matters. She has a little feature called Triple Choice Tuesday where other book bloggers choose three books: a favourite book, one that changed their world and one that they think deserves a wider audience, and explain a bit about them and why they were picked  It wasn't easy, it was even a little bit surprising and the only way you can find out more is to head on over and have a read.


Pen Name 24 August 2010 at 18:26  

I came across your blog on Reading Matters and I am positively in love. I fully intend to check out those novels you recommend.

I'm following your blog now. If you're at all interested in what I've been writing, my blog is:


William Rycroft 24 August 2010 at 23:55  

Thank you for such a bold introduction! I look forward to checking out your blog properly (a quick glance and I see some very thorough reviews of interesting fiction) and to your comments in the future. I hope you enjoy any of my recommendations. All the best...

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