Wednesday 21 November 2012

And the winner is....

Finally, after what seemed an eternity in limbo, my broadband service is restored after moving house and I find myself with a moment to make the grand draw in my Murakami giveaway.

Murakami, as anyone who has read him will know, has a thing for cats so I decided to involve my own cat, Willow, in deciding the winner. Each participant's name was printed on a piece of paper and laid face down on the floor. I then let Willow into the room and determined that the piece of paper she first touched her nose to would be the winner.

Willow is a cat of course and therefore wasn't interested in the role I had assigned to her. You can see the haste with which she removed herself from the room.

So we went to plan B. This is George.

He's a very willing helper and with the clear instruction to pick a single piece of paper from all of those in front of him he of course plumped for the one that Fate had placed right by his foot. The lucky winner of a complete set of Murakami's is......

Congratulations Shelley, I have probably already contacted you to let you know but just in case that hasn't come through please email me with your address details and I'll get things moving on your special delivery. Thank you to everyone who entered, sorry that there can only be one winner and I hope to get things moving on the blog once again in the not too distant future...


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