Monday 13 May 2013

A Man In Love - Karl Ove Knausgaard


Sue Guiney 14 May 2013 at 10:16  

Will, Maybe you've been doing these videos for a while, and although I have followed your blog for years I just never realised it, but anyway, I just want to say how great I think this is. You on video works so well (being an actor probably helps, eh?). It's compelling, watchable and a great way to "chat" about a book. Just wanted to say how much I like the video co Celt and execution...and the Knausgaard sounds pretty amazing, too. Thanks.

William Rycroft 14 May 2013 at 10:21  

Hi Sue. Don't worry, you haven't missed anything, this is in fact the first video review I've done but it's likely to be the way I do things, for now at least. I just couldn't find the time to sit down and write the usual 1000 word posts I like to but wanted to keep talking about the books I was reading. It will be a far less rigorous examination of the books but hopefully watchable as you say and easy to engage with. Thanks for the encouragement x

Unknown 14 May 2013 at 20:30  

I agree with Sue. You're a natural. Easily the most professional book vlogger I've ever watched. Keep up the great work!

oh...I should probably add that Knaugaard is amazing too. You did a great job of explaining how he writes about simple things in such a compelling way. I hope you manage to persuade a few people to give him a try.

William Rycroft 14 May 2013 at 22:55  

Thank you Jackie. I'm not sure I did a great job of explaining how he does it exactly, but I too hope some of my enthusiasm for what he does achieve convinces some more readers to give him a try.

Martin 16 May 2013 at 19:51  

Hi William, I really like this format, the video was just the right length of time. I've ordered Knausgaard's first book from my local library and am looking forward to reading it.

William Rycroft 16 May 2013 at 23:21  

Martin, it's fantastic to hear that you've ordered the book and I wish you the very best with it. Thank you also for your kind comments about the vlog approach. I shall keep working on it.

Unknown 24 June 2013 at 16:38  

I have read all six books in Danish and adore them. Fantastic books, and its so nice to see these gain English readers as well. Very nice review of the books and if I hadnt read them already I would have jumped out and bought them straight away. Just wait until you see vol.6 which is twice the length of vol.1:-)
I do enjoy your reviews on other books so it was great to see you like these one.

William Rycroft 24 June 2013 at 22:28  

Teddy, thank you so much for such a lovely comment, it's great to hear such positivity from someone who's read the whole series. I had heard that the final volume was a monster so I'm now fully prepared but remain undaunted. I'm impatient for more!! Thanks again for your kind words about the blog, much appreciated.

Philip Dodd 5 July 2013 at 20:47  

William, That is spot on. I'm signed up too. I'm halfway through A Man In Love and it's so good to read, I feel like I'm writing, if that makes any sense to you at all.
I'll point people towards this whenever I can.

Mary-Colleen 5 July 2013 at 22:23  

I'm very happy that Philip pointed me to this video. As a (now former) book blogger myself, I can see how appealing a video review could be.

I'm quite interested in Knausgaard's books, but I wonder if it would be better to read them in order. Would I miss too much if I started with A Man in Love?

William Rycroft 6 July 2013 at 14:18  

Philip - Thank you, and it makes me very happy to hear that you're enjoying the books. We can endure the wait for future translation together.

Mary Colleen - Thanks again. As for whether reading them in sequence is important it's difficult for me to say without having read more than two but I'm certainly glad that I read them in order. A Death In The Family is a good introduction to the style of writing as much as anything else. My heart says start there.

Mary-Colleen 6 July 2013 at 23:37  

Just put the first volume on hold at the library. Interestingly, it's classified as fiction. I'm #27 on four copies, so it'll be a little while before I start. Thanks again.

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