Sunday 25 January 2015


Apologies. Huge apologies. I haven't been able to update the blog with a new video for weeks, for very good reason, but first I wanted to say sorry. I kept thinking that I would be able to find the time to record one but then something would always get in between me and the camera (quite often that would actually happen in the case of my children). 

I thought I would just write a quick note to explain the reason for the delay (I am determined that a post will appear soon, perhaps very soon). At the end of last year I saw a job advertised that was very much the answer to a question I had been asking myself in 2014. I have loved writing and talking about books online for the last seven or so years and that passion has been growing to the point where I wondered if I shouldn't look to make it my job rather than just my hobby. What would that job look like however?

Luckily, as I said, I saw an advert that began with the line 'Do you live to recommend books?' I won't go into the rest of the job description, nor the exacting interview process, but I couldn't have wished for a more perfect position to arrive at a more perfect time. And I got it!

So for those who don't know already I am the new Community Manager at Vintage Books.

I am thrilled. More than thrilled.

I will basically be doing what I have done for the last few years: Talking about about amazing books online and through social media and looking to match up those books with the right readers. I knew that starting the job would have an impact on Just William's Luck - the most immediate of which is that I haven't been able to find the time to record a post! The effect may reach further than that of course. I think it might be a slight conflict for me to review Vintage titles here, you might suspect my conclusions, so it may be that this will be a place for me to review books that I don't deal with professionally. The only question right now is when on earth I might find time to read them. We shall see, time will tell.

In the meantime I have a handful of books I managed to read over Christmas that I will blog soon, I promise. There are also some amazing books coming from Vintage in the year ahead. If you want to keep up to date with all of those then you can follow my chatter on Vintage's various channels:

See you soon, and thanks for your patience.

Will x


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