Sunday, 26 October 2008

not so organic

I have always had a suspicion about organic produce. It's not that I have a problem with organic methods (although it does seem like an indulgence only a fully modernised society could dabble with), nor is it so much that I mind paying a premium for it (although I don't like having to pay more than I have to, to be honest), it's that I'm never really convinced by the organic credentials of the food that wears the badge. What is organic butter for example? I mention this only because my hackles were raised by the sight of organic French dressing in our shopping this week. What makes a salad dressing organic, or rather what makes an organic salad dressing?

As you can see it contains all sorts, including both organic and non-organic (but approved) water. What?! And what is the price we pay for organic satisfaction? Well a standard bottle of fresh French dressing will set you back £0.45 per 100ml. The posh version £0.60 per 100ml. If you want to go organic it'll set you back £1.06 per 100ml. More than a 100% mark up. And it isn't even 100% organic.

There, I have vented. Sorry you had to witness it. We should really make our own French dressing, it isn't hard.


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