Tuesday 30 October 2007

Hot Fuzz

Your baby's 10 days overdue so what film do you watch when your wife starts getting contractions. Hot Fuzz obviously, the perfect early labour entertainment (we didn't start there of course, we warmed up with a game of Scrabble first). From the same team that brought us Shaun of the Dead (and the fantastic TV series Spaced) it follows the fortunes of top cop Nicholas Angel as he is posted to the rural village of Sandford after his superior performance in London was beginning to make everyone else look bad. The award winning village has never seen a murder, but Angel discovers that the rate of fatal 'accidents' is extremely high. Whilst there he is partnered up with Danny Butterman the son of the local Police Inspector who has a weakness for action films like Bad Boys 2 and Point Break. It is these macho buddy movies which the film pastiches with hilarious precision, many shots and scenes copied exactly. It is a funny thing to watch a film and break off every 10 minutes or so to help your wife with her breathing but despite this slightly disjointed approach I loved the film. It's incredibly silly, packed full of references and comedy turns from some great British talent (watch out for a hilarious mumbling cop played by Karl Johnson) but above all, and most importantly when considering the words 'British' and 'Comedy' together, it's very, very funny.


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